Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lavish lavash!

We underestimated what a hectic ball of mess the beginning of 2L year would be. Nonetheless, we managed - after many e-mails exchanged - to set aside a few hours on Thursday evening before our Fall Break (aka "Fly-back Week" - for interviews, see below) to whip up some lavash, olive tapenade, and nectarine-apple salsa.

We're in the midst of interviewing for summer law firm jobs, which sometimes turn into full-time jobs post-graduation. In fact, Sara flew in from an LA interview less than an hour before we got started baking, and Erica had an interview lined up for the next day. See - hectic, right?

Thank goodness for quick recipes! And delicious ones...

The dough was simple enough. We had some concerns about whether it would rise, but we needn't have feared - the yeast worked its magic

We're not sure we rolled out the dough thin enough, as our crackers took substantially longer to bake than the recipe indicated. Still, they tasted perfect to us.

Sara chose to make an olive tapenade to accompany the lavash. In one word: delectable. Erica may or may not have snuck her finger into the bowl a few times, forgoing the cracker.

Erica took on the peach-melon salsa recipe included on Daring Bakers. Finding no peaches at the grocery store (weird!) she opted for nectarines. And not liking melon, she subbed in apples. It worked - deliciously!
Though we didn't eat until late in the evening, and though emergency pasta was made in the meantime, this recipe was worth the coordination and the wait. As we both agreed, definitely one we might actually try again!

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