Friday, July 27, 2012

It tastes like childhood

As a small child, my brother and I were both quite obsessed with cheesy crackers. I was partial to Cheez-Its (particularly the white cheddar variety), while my brother has been known to devour an entire carton of goldfish crackers in one day. So while Erica and I were a little bummed by the ease of this challenge (and its similarity to this), at least we got to make fancy replications of some of my favorite childhood memories.

Fancy, you ask? Why yes. See the little container of thyme? These weren't just cheez crackers, but cheese and herb cracks. How posh.

 (Apologies for the rather lack-luster photos this time around. I was distracted in the kitchen, and then there was this bottle of wine to contend with).

These were our chedder, thyme (was supposed to be rosemary, but someone forgot to water their rosemary bush...) and walnut icebox crackers, which tasted pretty much like goldfish. They could have been a bit more well done for my liking, but at least we didn't burn anything this time around.

And these were pepper jack and oregano. I don't own any cookie cutters, so we did some free form squares, which really did end up looking (and tasting!) like Cheez-Its.

Finally, we needed something to go with our crackers. While the rest of the country swelters in what sounds like a pretty devastating heat wave, we're enjoying our own "summer" out here by the Bay - cold, foggy, soup weather. Lucky for us, someone invented corn chowder. Perfect for warming you up, while also taking advantage of spectacular summer produce.  (I know. It looks like porridge. It really did taste delicious!).


Bourbonnatrix said...

final product looks great! i'm not a big fan of crackers, but if i'm eating soup, must have crackers along!

Tugs Girl said...

Homemade crackers, corn chowder, and cool weather. I want to be where you are! (And what is it about rosemary that makes it easy to forget watering it? Mine is suffering, too!)

What's for dessert? said...

Great crackers

Cat said...

I can attest to the tastiness of these crackers! They were delicious!